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Set Fire to the Rain 5/12

Title: Set Fire to the Rain 5/12
Author: smartasswillow
Fandom: The Closer
Rating: M
Pairing: Brenda/Sharon

Notes: I wrote this fic last April. So if there are spoilers for season 7 they are completely involuntary. Feedback is love.
Thank you Leah. Your help was precious.


After a week of studying Major Crime’s cases Captain Raydor was ready for a first meeting with Chief Johnson. Sadly that implicated Sharon had to meet Brenda too.
Her feet weren’t cooperating on her way to the elevator.
And once inside she pushed the wrong button. When she realized her mistake it was too late, she was already going to the ground floor. Half a dozen cops entered the lift and she had to make several stops before getting to the Major Crime’s level. This little trip didn’t help in calming her nerves.
Brenda’s door was slightly open and Sharon looked inside. The blonde was animatedly speaking on the phone and showed no sign of noticing her. The Captain waited patiently, listening to the blonde passionately defending her decisions regarding a suspect. Her features were tense, her look focused. She was beautiful. So beautiful, Sharon was feeling sick. Brenda brushed a lock behind her ear and Sharon could feel the softness in her own hand. Her grip tightened on the files she was carrying.
“Captain? How long have you been there? Come in please.”
“Good morning Chief.”
“Have a seat.”
“Thank you.” Once settled Sharon went straight to the point. “I’ve been reading your reports on some of the old cases and I have a few questions for you.”
“Of course.”
“The first…”
“Want some chocolate?”
“What? No. The first thing…”
“I love to start my day with a chocolate bar. It makes everything prettier. Doesn’t it?”
“I’m not sure, Chief. I was…”
“You should try. Maybe chocolate could take away all those little worry lines on your forehead.”
Sharon breathed deeply, her eyes wandered around the room unsuccessfully trying to calm down.
“Chief, we have work to do.”
“I was only trying to be nice and friendly.”
“And you just prove you can’t.” The Captain snapped.
“Well you’re certainly not helping either.”
Sharon decided that the best thing to do was to let it go.
“My first question is about…”
Unfortunately you need both parties to let something go. “I do think we can be nicer to each other, maybe not friends but nicer yes.”
Sharon stood up, dropped the files not too kindly on the table and closed the door loud enough for everybody in the murder room to turn their head. Back to the desk she leaned on it. “I will not be your friend. I will not be nicer. I don’t even have any kind of respect left for you as a person. Now you are dangerously putting at risk my respect for you as a police officer. Do you really want that?”
After a long silence Brenda was able to speak again without burst into silly, humiliating tears. “I just want to make things right. I already apologised. I’m deeply sorry I screwed everything up. Why can’t you forgive me?”
“And why should I? Because everybody else does? Are you that spoiled?”
Brenda left her chair and in a few steps was in front of the brunette who immediately crossed her arms. “What do you want Chief?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”
“No, not to me.”
Another step forward and Brenda could smell the other woman’s distinctive scent. She reached out and Sharon tried to stop her. “Don’t. Don’t do this.”
“If I’m as much of a selfish spoiled bitch as you think I am, you should know that I will.” Her hand already on Sharon’s jacket, climbing up. When her cold fingers touched her neck, Sharon shuddered. And this made Brenda bolder. With the other hand she slowly took off the Captain’s glasses putting them neatly on the table. “The first time we made love I thought I would have drowned in those eyes.” Brenda closed the distance and gently kissed her lips. Sharon couldn’t move. She wanted to leave. She wanted to give in. And her body was trapped in such different orders. Brenda seemed not to care that her kiss wasn’t being reciprocated. She wanted this woman so much she couldn’t bother herself with small details.
“My first question is about the Ramirez case.” The voice was weak but undeniably there.
“What?” Brenda was completely taken aback.
“I need to know why you and your team waited six hours before mirandizing the suspect.” The blonde was still holding Sharon’s head, not sure of what was going on.
“The husband was found by a patrol car leaving town…”
“Sharon?” The other woman was standing still, with her eyes closed.
“His clothes were blood-stained…”
“Don’t do this to me, please.”
“And a knife was found under the car seat.”
“Don’t push me away.”
“You had the suspect under your custody as soon as the CSU was finished with him.”
“Ok Captain, ok.” Brenda let go of her and went back to her chair, as she looked back Sharon was seated and wearing her glasses. Her voice was steady again.
“I need to know why it took you so long to mirandize him.”
Brenda’s mouth was open but no sound was coming.
“Chief, do you need me to repeat the question?”
“No, Captain, no. We didn’t have enough evidence. We had the knife and his clothes, sure, but we were looking for a motive and canvassing the neighbourhood for witnesses to wrap the case up.”
“I see.”
“Do you need more details?”
“Not for now, thank you. We can skip to next question.”
“I’m all ears, Captain.”


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Sep. 18th, 2011 06:12 am (UTC)

Ahhhhh very frustrating. God Brenda really screwed up, but she needs to fix this now.

Sep. 26th, 2011 12:17 am (UTC)
Set Fire to the Rain 5/12
Couldn't really find the words to comment on that last chapter as it hits way to close to home, sometimes men just seem an easy fix, and they generally are easy. Nuff said.

This chapter however has made me very happy with Sharon seriously standing up to the urges that generally put people in a bad situation. I love that she didn't even acknowledge Brenda's advances and kept it all business. I mean of course I want them to live happily ever after and all but after that crying about having a fight with her husband to get into her pants I think Brenda maybe needs to suffer a little first. Of course I could just be bitter. Who knows? Thank you though I really am loving this story.

Oh yeah plus the part where you said in some comment earlier that you actually made sure you finished the story before even posting-well much appreciated. I am one of the guilty parties you refer to when you say someone leaves a story unfinished. I too hate that and since I got stumped on one story I haven't been able to post anything else. Guilt is a bitch...but I think you've got the right idea with completing it first-look before you leap and all.
Sep. 26th, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)
Re: Set Fire to the Rain 5/12
If you are bitter then I'm bitter too:) I think they share a strong attraction but Brenda really hurt her. I'm proud of Sharon. How weird is that? Maybe I shouldn't say things like that. But I wrote this so many months ago I feel like the characters took their own decisions..
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